Learn How Amazon continues to make Billions through e-Commerce, Streaming, and the Cloud


Learn How Amazon continues to make Billions through e-Commerce, Streaming, and the Cloud

When it comes to increasing profits Amazon is on a roll with a plethora of different services that it offers. This company has made billions, and this is all a result of a carefully crafted strategy by Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos to maximize profits through cloud streaming, entertainment, and e-commerce.

It is an impressive journey for the company that started out as a bookseller in the early stages. Now there are streaming services that allow people to stream movies and music when they sign up for Amazon Prime accounts. People that are part of the Amazon Prime community will be able to see Amazon original shows as well as other shows that they would watch on television or cable.

This is one fraction of the prophets that have been created by Amazon, and cloud storage is also another thing that makes Amazon very profitable. People can sign up for Amazon Cloud and get unlimited storage. Cloud storage is what many people have come to use for documents that they share with friends and family members. Amazon competes with many other competitors like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, but Amazon has the advantage of selling and streaming entertainment so many consumers will go with the company that they already know. This familiarity is how many people initially become users of the Amazon Cloud environment.

There is also a lot to be said for the e-commerce part of Amazon’s profitability. In the beginning, Amazon was mainly known for selling electronics, but re-sellers would join in to become part of the Amazon family. This expansion sparked a lot of growth for other things like clothes and handbags. Amazon would also get into the mix to give Amazon Prime members the ability to order toiletries, snacks, and footwear.

As time progressed, Amazon would even venture into creating products designed by its in-house team of engineers. Technology would change forever with voice-activated products like Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo. People would acquire Amazon Kindle tablets because these devices sold at prices that were much lower than the competitor Apple products called iPads.

It would become obvious the Amazon was creating an environment where just about anything could be sold from this e-commerce store. It has become a household name for many people, and this is how Jeff Bezos has transformed this company into a multi-billion-dollar empire that continues to dominate.