E-Commerce Insider: The Surprising Surge of the Vaping Industry

For decades, many of us watched how the cigarette and tobacco market ruled the day with advertisements on every corner, films romanticizing lighting up a cigarette with a lover and how the tough guy always had his favorite pack. Smoking was cool and gave you something to do with your hands. It was the catalyst for social interaction between strangers that would have otherwise ignored each other. However, as time moved on and health scares moved to the forefront, people looked for an action that could replace their beloved pastime. Although large corporations crafted various campaigns, vaping and vape pens would soon dominate the sector and breathe life back into the industry.

Vape Pens and Alternatives for Smoking

Venturing out into the public on any given day will give a brief insight into how popular vape pens have become among the young and mature crowd, respectively. Although statistics around the industry are hard to gauge and calculate, many speculate the total number of vapers is somewhere around the 20-million mark. Looking at impressive numbers inspires those would-be entrepreneurs to action for creating platforms in which vape enthusiasts can purchase products, interact with the community, read about current news within the niche and explore ideas. E-commerce giants leaped at the idea of providing these products and services to customers and many believe the financial market in the vape world exceeds 3-billion dollars in the U.S. area alone. In unison with the explosion of popularity, online hangouts and forums have spawned to act as a central hub for enthusiasts to call home. One such source, ChurnMag.com keeps vapers up to date with various information about price points, local laws and regulation, vaping advice, new techniques, upcoming hardware and much more. Vaping is the trend of the future — don’t miss out!